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Mike Ferrell is the founder and president of Feral Media Group, Inc. He's a journalist by trade and an experienced producer, marketing strategist and storyteller. His diverse background enables him to work on projects in various capacities and understand them from different perspectives. 

He's the producer and host of The Feral Show Podcast. Through long-form interviews, he explores the minds and experiences of talented chefs, comedians, writers, musicians, and a multitude of artists to find out the how and why of what they do.

Journey to FMG

When he was three-years-old, he told his mom he wanted to be a stand-up comedian.  He doesn't remember it but she swears it’s true.  After years of training in the classroom, he left home to pursue his dream to entertain and after a brief study at  The Second City Improv  in Chicago, he went to perform stand-up comedy in Raleigh, NC. He got a taste of television through commercial acting and as the co-host of Welcome to Raleigh, a public access television show, featuring skits, local happenings, and music.  His early work, he co-wrote and co-produced a comedic short film, Killing Santa, which was nominated for best comedy at the Cape Fear Independent Film Festival.

In late 2016, his drive to learn new skills for storytelling led him to the School of Media and Journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  He earned a bachelor's degree while working full-time as a marketing manager for the world’s largest PC manufacturer. For ten years, he was dedicated to Lenovo to help them sell computers through a myriad of experiences. Starting in sales and he then moved to product marketing, where he pitched products to global Fortune 100 customers and then on to worldwide operations, crafting internal communications for global audiences. His last two and a half years in corporate America, he created marketing campaigns and brand activations to appeal to the emotion of small businesses. He helped develop buyer personas and built customer decision journeys to connect audiences to the company.

Food, Travel and Motorcycles

He's now excited to be pursuing his passion for telling stories about conservation, culture, food, and travel.  In 2018, he had the trip of a lifetime and rode a motorcycle across Mongolia to hand-deliver it to a park ranger for Rally for Rangers and in 2019 he made another treck to support a park ranger in Nepal.  His love of cooking comes from his family upbringing, where they would spend hours in the kitchen cooking, listening to music and laughing. He's a member of the Southern Foodways Alliance and the World Championship BBQ team, Lillie’s Q.  His hobbies include getting lost while riding motorcycles, spending time in nature and traveling to new places.

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